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Be The Best Version of You!
Change Your Life With Hypnotherapy,
Executive Coaching and NLP Neurolinguistic Programming

My Approach

During your free discovery call, I will ask you questions that will help me understand the best course of action for your session, so I can advise the service you will benefit from the most. I will also answer all the queries you may have.

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), executive coaching and hypnotherapy will help you change your mindset, achieve your goals, re-discover yourself and propel you toward spiritual, mental and physical healing.

Who's it for?

Hypnosis, coaching and NLP are fantastic interventions for a multitude of physical and mental conditions as well as helping with overcoming every day challenges. Some examples are:

Anxiety, stress and emotional related issues:

social anxiety, nail biting, emotional eating, IBS, anger, public speaking, exams, sport performance and more.

Get unstuck, rediscover yourself, find your


resolve dilemmas,

fall in love with yourself again

and boost your confidence.

Pain management

and reduction.

Improving communication with yourself and others.

Improve your personal and work relationships.


I have been so fortunate to benefit from hypnotherapy throughout my cancer treatment. Obviously life can be tough at times and let's be honest, we all should take time for growth, strength  and healing. For me, hypnotherapy has put me on a path of self discovery. It has allowed me to invest in myself and focus on my healing. I don't mind sharing that the weeks and months after my cancer diagnosis my mental health suffered. I was in a very dark place. Now, thanks for all the fantastic support I received and by participating in hypnotherapy I have more positive outlook. In many ways I'm grateful to cancer as it's shown me how lucky I am to have such a wonderful life that I get to share with my beautiful girls. So please, remember to focus on yourself too and please consider hypnotherapy and get in contact with this amazing lady, Pamela Rowan

Georgia B.T.

Awesome, caring and supportive. Can’t recommend Pamela enough!

Liz W.

Good service and results.

M.J.K. Zaikay


I'd love to hear from you

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