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About Me

Hi I'm Pamela,


I am a certified clinical Hypnotherapist and a Neuro-Linguistics Programming Practitioner specialised in Anxiety, Smoking Cessation and Executive Coaching. I am also a registered ICU, AE and Forensic Nurse. 

Personally life has had its challenges, the suicide of my brother, which left me feeling at the lowest point of my life and opened a whole lot of dilemma's and hurdles for me to get over. I learned forgiveness and love, no expectations just gratitude. I also left school with little education and at age 30 with three teenagers and a new baby I went to Manchester University to become a nurse. Working two jobs to be able to live. I had no car and little money, but I drove forward with Grit to succeed, I succeeded !


Hypnotherapy and NLP

gave me a chance to change my life!

I was able to stop smoking years ago with the assistance of hypnotherapy and have gone through NLP and coaching therapies myself, to be able to understand myself and move forward to a more positive life full of rewards.  Going from strength to strength, evolving on a personal and professional level, changing my relationship with food, with myself and those around me.

I am passionate about helping others, my personal journey inspired me to assist those like me, who want to change for the better and improve their life.

That's why, although I already help people on a daily basis as a nurse, I feel there’s more that I can do to help people with a more personal and holistic approach using NLP, coaching and hypnosis.


I'd love to hear from you

07572 917363

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